Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

If you find water dripping from your air conditioner, you are probably wondering why your air conditioner is leaking water. They are designed to cool your home, but not leak!

There is likely a reason why the AC is leaking water, and it could indicate there is something wrong with the unit. Before you panic and call a repairman, there are simple things you can check to verify if the leak is coming from the unit or another source in your home.

Any building management knows how unsettling it is to see water leaking through the ceiling or floor of the mechanical room. Is your air conditioner to blame for the leak? If that's the case, then proceed as follows.

First, settle down and take a deep breath. Many of the reasons why an air conditioner can be leaking water are simple and cheap to repair.

The damage to your walls, ceilings, floors, and furnishings from an AC that leaks water can be quite costly if you wait too long to take action. Compressor failure could also be caused by a water leak in the air conditioner. It's possible that if that happens, you'll need to get a new unit.

Check for Frozen Coils and Turn Off the Unit

If your air conditioner is dripping water, the evaporator coil is likely the source. That's the section of your HVAC system that resembles a coiled tube and is responsible for distributing air inside your home.

Find the coil- have ice crystals formed over it? If so, immediately power down the system. The ice should noy be there, and is threatening your entire system. Perhaps the melted ice is the source of the puddle of water on the floor.

As soon as feasible, contact a licensed HVAC technician to determine the root cause of the frozen coil. You should not attempt to fix an AC unit's frozen coil by yourself.

It is crucial that you never use a sharp item to attempt and chip away at the ice. The fins of the coil are quite delicate and can easily be harmed.

In the end, it may turn out to be anything as simple as a blocked air filter that froze your evaporator coil and needs to be replaced. The air conditioner may be leaking water because the coils are frozen or because of some other systemic issue.

Water damage can be avoided by turning off the unit even if the coil is not frozen. This is especially important if your air conditioner is located in a damp environment, such as a basement, attic, or crawl space, where water can leak and cause costly structural damage.

Common Reasons for AC Leaking Water

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A Clogged Drain Pan

An overflowing drain pan is the most typical cause of AC leaks. Condensation forms as warm air is cooled by the air conditioner and is collected in a drain pan. When the air is humid and more condensation builds up in the drain pan, it may overflow. Your air conditioner is therefore leaking water because of the overflow.

Drain Line Blockage

The clogging of the drain line is another common cause of an air conditioner leaking. Condensation might back up into the unit if the drain line is clogged with dirt and debris. To resolve the issue, the drain line will need to be manually unclogged.

Another possibility is that your AC's condensate pump is malfunctioning and not removing excess moisture. As a result, condensation builds up inside the AC unit and eventually leaks into your home. Getting a new condensate pump will be necessary.

Dirty Air Filter

Leaking water is only one of the many issues that can arise from using a dirty air filter in your air conditioner. Appliances might freeze up and leak water due to a clogged filter as the ice melts. Because of the dust on the filter, the drain line may become clogged, resulting in water backing up into the air conditioner.

The filter can be removed and cleaned with soap and water. If your air filter has frozen solid, let it thaw, and then scrape the mesh with a soft brush. Don't reinstall the filter in the air conditioner until you've given it time to dry.

Refrigerant Leak

It's possible that the water dripping from your air conditioner is actually refrigerant. You probably have refrigerant leaks if you hear bubbling sounds and find a minor leak that may or may not be iced over.

If you suspect your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, you should have it checked out by a professional HVAC expert right away because exposure to freon can cause skin and respiratory irritation. If you suspect a refrigerant leak, turn off the air conditioner immediately and move out of the room immediately.

Ways to Prevent AC Leaking Water

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Empty the Drain Pan

Having water leak from the drain pan of your air conditioner is a simple fix. To get your air conditioner working again, all you need to do is empty the drain pan. If you want to avoid flooding, you should monitor the level of water in your drain pan and plan to empty it on a regular basis. Portable and floor models of air conditioners are the best candidates for this.

Schedule Regular Air Condition Cleaning

All models of air conditioners require regular servicing. An HVAC specialist will thoroughly clean all models and brands of air conditioners. At least twice a year, have a professional service technician inspect and clean your air conditioner.

Clean and Replace the Air Filter Regularly

You may simply use some dish soap and water to clean the air filter at home. Keep your air conditioner running smoothly by cleaning the filter every two weeks and wiping down the unit once a week with a soft bristles brush to eliminate stubborn buildup. If the filter becomes considerably worn or dirty, replace it.

‍Fix Any Issues Immediately

If you suspect a gas leak, broken parts, or electrical problems with your air conditioner, contact a qualified HVAC expert immediately. Don't try to fix the AC yourself if you have no prior experience working with appliances, and certainly avoid tackling electrical issues on your own.


Is The Water Leaking From An Air Conditioner Dangerous?

In the event that water leaks from the air conditioner and turns into a gas, the refrigerant could become harmful. Call a professional AC maintenance service right away if you have any reason to believe your unit is leaking refrigerant.

As long as the leak is coming from the indoor unit, you should be fine. Even so, if you suspect something is wrong with your air conditioner, it's better to have a professional take a look.

Should I Turn My AC Off If It Is Leaking Water?

When your air conditioner shows any signs of malfunction that could result in costly damage to your home, the first thing you should do is turn off the electricity to the unit and find another way to keep cool while the issue is resolved.

Why Does My AC Leak After A Service?

Air conditioning units that were not installed correctly may spring leaks after maintenance is performed. It's possible that the device is leaking water because of issues like improper pipe tightening or excessive pump pressure. Another possible cause is that the condenser unit may not have been installed at the proper height.


Dealing with a leaking air conditioner is never a fun situation, and can be frustrating trying to figure out why it’s happening. If you’re unsure of what to do, we’re here to help.

Instead of shelling out money on new parts that may or may not work properly, consider calling service providers like GQ Heating and Air who can help you find and fix leaks. We offer many different services and can help you identify and solve any HVAC issues.

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