Why HVAC Maintenance Contracts Are Crucial

As the title implies, I am going to be speaking primarily to business owners and property managers in this entry. Periodic maintenance contracts, when properly performed, can save an impressive amount of money and aggravation.

A good maintenance on your heating and air conditioning equipment can be compared to what a regularly scheduled physical examination provides for your personal well being. Both deal with complex and important systems that go unnoticed until they are not functioning properly, usually creating unwanted crises. Symptoms indicating the early stages of more serious problems, if found and diagnosed properly, can lead to timely corrective action and early resolution.

Any time heating or air conditioning fails on a business or income producing property, it is usually a much more serious situation than a similar failure at your residence. At home you can always open windows, bundle up kids, or add or remove more blankets at bedtime; at your business it will most likely cost you extra money, or worse—loss of customers, unhappy tenants or employees, potential damage to temperature-sensitive electronic equipment, and, in some extreme cases, lawsuits or regulatory penalties due to air quality issues.

Along with providing a great value, preventive maintenance is not expensive: for example, many of our small business customers with one or two HVAC systems pay under $100 per quarterly maintenance, including replacement of high quality pleated filters. When evaluating a maintenance quote, make sure it spells out clearly what you will be getting for your money. Some “maintenance” is little more than a glorified filter change, with little attention to the general health of your equipment. The whole point in having a maintenance contract is minimizing expensive surprises, so a technician needs to have a comprehensive knowledge of the equipment he is looking at, and take enough time to actually assess the overall health of the system. We strive for that level of excellence in our company at all times.

All the data we have gathered over our years of operation point to the same fact: HVAC maintenance contracts make sound business sense!

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