4 Common Air Conditioning Mistakes That You Should Avoid

In order for air conditioning units to perform optimally, they need to be well-maintained. With AC units, even the smallest issues could have a significant impact on your system’s performance. In this blog post, learn about some of the most common air conditioning mistakes that you should avoid.

Not Changing the Air Filters Regularly

When dust and other elements pile up in the filters, the AC unit’s performance is affected. Unclean filters can bring about poor air quality in your home, which could eventually cause health complications. Regularly changing the filters is an easy undertaking that is often overlooked by homeowners. If neglected for a long period of time, it could lead to increased energy bills. We recommend replacing the filters of your air conditioner at least once per month.

Avoiding a Replacement

Whether to repair or replace an AC unit that is malfunctioning can sometimes be a tough decision to make. Sometimes repairing a small issue could be all that is needed! On the other hand, trying to fix a system that is old or obsolete might not be worth it. For an aging unit, it is best to replace and not repair.

Failing to Run the AC System

If your AC unit sits for a long time without being used, it may not be as efficient as it used to be. An AC unit that is unused can pile up mold, dirt, and other moisture-related problems negatively affect its performance.

Failing to Service

It is important to have your air conditioning unit cleaned, inspected, and serviced at least once per year. This way, the unit will perform at optimal levels as potential problems will be dealt with beforehand.

If you avoid the mistakes listed in this blog post, your AC system will continue to keep you comfortable! For all of our air conditioning repairs and services, or to schedule an inspection or routine maintenance, contact Guaranteed Quality Heating & Air.

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