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Reliable Air Conditioning Services for Laguna Hills CA

Guaranteed Quality Heating & Air is your source for air conditioning service in Laguna Hills, CA. For over twenty years, we’ve been providing quality AC service to the area’s homeowners. We take our role in the community very seriously, and we always make sure we get the job done correctly. This is why we offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

AC Service & Repair

Whatever your AC service needs may be, GQ can help! Our technicians are highly qualified and specially trained to face a variety of HVAC situations. If you’re hearing strange noises or the air coming out of your system isn’t very cool, give our team a call. We can handle everything from extensive repairs to quick service appointments.

AC Installation & Replacement

When it’s time to upgrade your HVAC system, GQ is the company to call! We work with the nation’s top air conditioning unit manufacturers. This means that when you call us for your AC replacement, you’ll have your pick at the top models. Plus, since we have long-standing relationships with these manufacturers, we can offer you a competitive price. Once you’ve made your pick, one of our skilled technicians will arrive at your home to execute your AC installation.

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    Air Conditioning Service

    AC Maintenance

    We provide full maintenance services for your Air Conditioning equipment. We highly suggest yearly maintenance on your Air Conditioning with our VIP Membership Program as well. Click the link below for more information.

    AC Replacement or Repair

    Is your air conditioning system blowing warm air? Is it making a weird noise? No matter what your situation is, GQ Heating and Air provides friendly, fast and professional air conditioning repair or replacement.

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    Heating Services

    Furnace Maintenance (Gas/Electric)

    Your furnace is the heart of your HVAC equipment. Whether you’re using the heat or cold for your home, the furnace is on. Maintenance on your furnace should be at the utmost importance.

    Furnace Repair and Replacement

    Have you noticed weaker airflow? Inconsistencies with heat in your home? A burning smell? Having a technician come out to your home to diagnose your equipment is the first step to repairing or replacing your equipment.

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    Indoor Air Quality Systems

    Air Filtration System

    Did you know that your home’s air quality might be worse than the air outside? If you have any concerns about the air quality in your home, you should give us a call. Let one of our experts discuss the positive impact better air quality can have for you.

    Ductwork Services

    Your ductwork is a crucial component of your HVAC system. GQ Heating and Air offers duct repairs, re-sealing, and declogging by our EPA-certified specialists.

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    Light Commercial HVAC

    Air Conditioning

    Air conditioning is not only pricey, but it's also one of your company's most crucial assets—especially in Southern California. Businesses must be able to offer a cool, comfortable sanctuary for their staff, clients, and customers given the nearly continual sunshine.


    When it's chilly and rainy outside, your business may be in major trouble if it can't keep its customers warm. We have a wide variety of commercial heaters available, along with complete commercial heating repair for all kinds of businesses.

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Professional, Affordable, and Punctual HVAC Services!

If you have any HVAC needs, simply call or text us and we will help you out!

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