The ducts in your home are like the veins and arteries of your heating and air conditioning system. They carry the heated and cooled air throughout your home and if there are any issues with your ducts it can cause big problems for your home’s comfort and efficiency. GQ Heating and Air is proud to provide all of Costa Mesa, CA, Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles with high quality duct replacement. The owner has been in the HVAC business for over 20 years and have worked with countless customers to help them replace their old ducts with new, more efficient ductwork. Our technicians undergo regular testing and training and carry EPA certifications to prove how good they are at their job. We stand behind their work and our name with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Call us today if you suspect that you need new ducts or if you’ve never had your ducts inspected before.


If your home is like most others then your ductwork is installed in your ceiling out of sight which makes it hard to tell if you need to replace your ducts. However, take a look below at some of the signs that could indicate that you need to replace your ducts.

  • Inefficiency – If your utility bills are steadily increasing even though you use your appliances the same amount it might be time to look at your ducts. Leaks, cracks, and pinches can all cause huge resistance to the air flowing through them which makes your HVAC system have to work harder to cool or heat your home.
  • Age of your home – If your home is several decades old but still has the original ductwork, it could be a good idea to at least have your ducts inspected by the Costa Mesa, CA duct replacement experts at GQ Heating and Air. Time has a way of wreaking havoc on your home’s ductwork.
  • Not enough heating or cooling – Old ductwork that is full of leaks, pinches or collapsed sections will likely cause insufficient airflow to parts of your home. If some rooms don’t get enough heating or cooling it’s probably time to call GQ Heating and Air.
  • Noises – Keep an ear out for any unusual sounds coming from your ducts. Sounds like whistling, flapping, rattling, and rumbling could mean that you have some debris or leaks in your ducts.


If the time has indeed come for you to replace your ductwork then there are a couple types of ducts to choose from. Remember, when you call GQ Heating and Air for duct replacement in Costa Mesa, CA our experts can help you find the best possible ducts for your home so that you don’t have to do it all on your own.

  • Rigid – There are several types of rigid ductwork, aluminum or sheet metal being the most common. Other types include fiberglass duct board or polyurethane. Rigid ductwork is often lined or coated with some type of insulating material.
  • Flexible – This type of ductwork, also called flex, is often used to connect to rigid ductwork. While it is very convenient, it is not as efficient as rigid ductwork.


Our EPA-certified techs have years of experience and training to provide you with the best possible service on every single job that we do. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and to the quality of workmanship that we provide. That’s why we back all of our work with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Call us today! Call GQ Heating and Air today for duct replacement in Costa Mesa, CA, Orange County as well as San Diego and Los Angeles Counties.