Forced air heating and air conditioning systems like furnaces, central AC, and heat pumps all require a series of ducts in order to carry heated and cooled air throughout your home. However, few homeowners actually realize how important their ducts are to their comfort and to their home’s efficiency. That’s why GQ Heating and Air offers comprehensive duct repair in Costa Mesa, CA. There are tremendous energy savings that can be realized with duct repair as well as an improvement in your home’s air quality. The owner has been providing outstanding duct repair for over 20 years and our Costa Mesa duct repair technicians are all EPA certified so that they can provide you with the high quality of workmanship that you deserve. If you’re concerned about your ducts or if you’ve never had your ducts inspected for problems, call GQ Heating and Air today.


While it might seem like carrying air throughout your home isn’t a hard job, your ducts can take a serious beating. This is especially true if they weren’t installed properly. GQ Heating and Air provides duct repair in Costa Mesa, CA for all different types of ducts including metal and flexible ductwork. Here are some of the most common problems that we see.

  • Unnecessary turns – If the technicians that installed your home’s ductwork didn’t plan ahead, then there may be many unnecessary turns or bends in your ductwork that cause your heater and AC to have to work harder to push air through them.
  • Pinches – If you have flexible ductwork in your home that is very old it can sometimes become so brittle that it actually collapses. This will create a pinch that causes resistance to the air flowing through your ducts.
  • Clogs – The ducts in your home can get clogged with construction debris, dust and other debris that also creates resistance to the air moving through them.
  • Holes – Finally, your ducts can develop a number of holes in them from rubbing against their braces, insects, and rodents. Energy Star estimates that in the typical house up to 20% of the air moving through the ducts can leak outside because of holes and cracks.


Since your ducts are likely not visible it makes it hard to tell if there is something wrong with them. GQ Heating and Air is proud to provide duct repair in Costa Mesa, CA so make sure that you call us if you’re having any of these problems.

  • Noises – As air leaks out of your ducts or moves around pinches and corners it can make whistling, flapping, rumbling, and rattling sounds. Keep an ear tuned to your ducts and if you hear anything unusual it’s probably best to call for assistance.
  • Inefficiency – If you suddenly see that your energy bills have increased without a corresponding increase in your usage of your appliances it could mean that your ducts have collapsed or that they’ve sprung a leak.
  • Insufficient heating and cooling – Are some of your rooms not getting enough heating or cooling? This is often an indication that the ductwork leading to those areas is pinched or leaking badly.


Whenever you need duct repair in Costa Mesa, CA the experts at GQ Heating and Air are just a phone call away. With an owner with over 20 years of experience in duct repair and our EPA-certified technicians, we’ll get the job done fast and with the outstanding quality that we’re known for. Call GQ Heating and Air today for duct repair in Costa Mesa, CA, Orange County as well as San Diego and Los Angeles Counties.