Thermostats are often one of the most-overlooked components of your home’s heating and air conditioning systems. While they might be small, they’re actually very important because they control when your heater or AC turns on and when it turns off. If you need any kind of thermostat repair in Costa Mesa, CA or thermostat replacement and installation just call GQ Heating and Air. The owner has been offering comprehensive thermostat service for over 20 years and can work on any type of unit that you might have including programmable, wireless and Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats. Our HVAC technicians are EPA certified which means that they’re some of the best HVAC specialists around. We’re so confident in their abilities that we offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all the work that they do. Call us today if your heater or AC won’t turn on or if you’re having any other issues with your home’s comfort.


There are a lot of different brands of thermostats on the market and there are a variety of types of thermostats that you can choose from. Take a look below at some of the most common.

  • Digital – Digital thermostats offer easy-to-read digital displays, precise temperature control and are the modern counterpart to the round, manual thermostats that are often seen in older homes.
  • Programmable – These types of thermostats are ideal for homeowners that have a predictable schedule and don’t want to have to remember to turn off their heater or AC when they leave for work.
  • Wireless – Wireless thermostats use portable remotes to control the temperature in your home. Instead of having to get up to change the thermostat you can just set it from wherever you are using the remote.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled – For homeowners that want the highest level of control over their home’s heating and air conditioning systems, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats are the way to go. They connect to the Internet and allow you to manipulate your HVAC system from your smartphone or computer.


Just like any other component of your heating and air conditioning system, your thermostats can eventually break down and require repair. If that happens, GQ Heating and Air is here with fast and reliable thermostat repair in Costa Mesa, CA.

  • Heater or AC won’t turn on – If your air conditioner or heater won’t turn on, one of the first places that our technicians will check is the thermostat. lt could be that the wires have corroded over time or that the electrical components in the thermostat have stopped working.
  • Not enough heating or cooling – If your home just can’t get to the right temperature then it could be the fault of the thermostats. It may be that your thermostats were installed on a part of your wall that gets lots of sunshine or is right in the path of a vent or register.


Many homeowners enjoy the occasional do-it-yourself project but when it comes to your thermostats it’s usually best to leave any installation work to the professionals. The thermostats in your home are the brains of your heater and AC, which means that if they aren’t installed properly it can cause big issues for your home’s comfort and efficiency. GQ Heating and Air provides total thermostat installation in Costa Mesa, CA for all different types and brands of units. If you’re not sure which one is right for your home we can help you pick one out and then our experts will replace your current ones and make sure that your new thermostats are operating properly. Call us today to learn more. Call GQ Heating and Air today for thermostat service in Costa Mesa, CA, Orange County as well as San Diego and Los Angeles Counties.